A Dawn Like Thunder
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Ensign Ulvert Matthew Moore (191?-1942)

KIA, Midway, June 4, 1942
Awarded Navy Cross

Ulvert Matthew Moore was from Bluefield, West Virginia, a town with the highest elevation in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Short and wiry, he was the squadron clown. With fluffy blonde hair, a cherubic smile, sleepy eyes, and a face like Dagwood, the girls liked him because he was “cute.” They also enjoyed mothering him. The men in the squadron liked him because he was funny and unassuming. At a squadron party, it turned out that he was an incredible “jitterbugger,” able to effortlessly flip girls over his back and between his legs. Nicknamed “Whitey,” Waldron claimed that he could fall sleep on the edge of a picket fence


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